Sunday, 4 March 2012


Above are some feedback sheets from our title sequence. We recieved good feedback and took what was told on board and what the comments said we changed them on our title sequence. I was pleased with the overall feedback, and it showed me and the group that we achieved a successful title sequence.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Today we showed our title sequence to our class and others. The reason for this it was the first deadline to see what we have done as well as achieved and to also get feedback from the class and others who watched our title sequence. The feedback we got was better than expected and was pleased with the comments that were made, i understood why people wrote what they wrote even if it was towards making changes to make it better. A couple of feedback sheets will be posted on the blog soon.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Google Calender.

Above is a print screen of Google Calender. This calender is to help us keep organized and help towards our evaluation, it can help us for our evaluation because of it having dates of when we filmed and our deadline.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Reflection Book.

These are five shots of the drawings that are in the book for the ending of the title sequence. This is the book that the little girl is holding whilst walking up the stairs as well as throughout the title sequence, the reason behind the book and why it is a big part in our title sequence is to show that it is the Rosies the seven year old girl although every page slowly gets more disturbing. We wanted the book to have a story behind it of how she is feeling. In the title sequence this part of the book begins from putting it on the bed then the name of the film is shown 'Reflection', the shot goes back to the book and the pages are mysteriously being changed on there own. We achieved this by using a hair dryer to turn each page, eventhough it took many shots to get the final successful one we done it and are pleased this idea worked also getting the effect we wanted.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Over the last couple of weeks on a Wednesday after school we have been filming our title sequence, we are now in the process of editing the footage we have shot and meeting our deadline which is 10th February. On Wednesday 11th January this was our first day of shooting at the location we all finalised on which was my house, due to Megan living near me on the way we picked up her younger sister who is our main character of our title sequence 'Reflection' whose name is Ciara. When we got to the location of filming we sorted out the book that Ciara was going to hold by adding the name of the film on front of the book, also looking at the storyboards so we have a rough idea where to begin shooting. When our group started filming we had made a few changes that we thought would make the title sequence more effective. So the first shot we had changed to the camera beginning of Ciaras feet then panning up to her body without seeing her face, and ending the shot as well as focusing on the mirror behind her where you can see the reflection of her. For the next 3-4 shots we followed the storyboards. Continuing the filming the group decided turning the lights off so we could have the natural lighting, so for the beginning shots the lighting they are low key although when walking up the stairs it is high key lighting towards turning the lights on in the upstairs hallway. For the rest of the filming we stuck by the storyboards even though whilst filming group members had ideas which thought would be good to add into the title sequence, these ideas were including quick shots of Ciara at the top of the stairs staring down where the camera is looking up at her also her sitting at the top of the stairs moving her legs up and down so it makes a sound on the stairs as well as her staring down at the camera again whilst doing this. Also Ciara laughing but not being able to see her, we chose to film these shots and edit them into the title sequence so they would appear quickly making it mysterious to who she is or whether it could be the imaginary friend. I think this day of filming was successful due to getting half the filming done and having something to work next lesson as well as show footage to our teachers and Ciara working really well with us meaning listening and understanding what to do for the shots as well performing like we wanted her too. Bearing in mind she is five years old and can get distracted easily, she done really well and helped us alot.

The next week on a Wednesday 18th January we carried on filming at the same location as well as time which was after school at my house. Earlier on that day we had a media lesson where we were able to get the pages for the book ready, as a group we done this and i will put the pages up to my blog. For this day shooting we didn't need to pick up the main character Ciara reason for this was we are basing the filming on the book and wouldn't be needing her. When we had the footage we needed to complete the title sequence, similar to what we done last Wednesday we found things of what we could film to help towards making the opening credits have an eery effective. We got things done quicker this Wednesday rather then the first week of shooting because not having to film much and the book was quite an easy thing to film even though we did have to make sure the camera was at the right angle and fit everything we needed in it. So it was another day of successful filming and our teachers were pleased with what we had altogether at this point, which was everything that we needed to film.

The last day of filming that we needed to do was on Wednesday 25th January. It took place after school at the location where it has been for the last two weeks my house. Although the last two Wednesdays we had filmed everything that we needed too, this week was to refilm a shot that could be done better or make it a clearer shot. So the main shot we had to refilm was the book due to not filming it on the tripod the first time, the second time round we did and moved the camera so it was closer towards the book so you couldn't see the bed around it. This was all that really needed to be reshot, so when we returned to next lesson with the refilmed footage it looked much better and could see why it made a difference to the first time.

All filming is completed so in the media lessons editing the title sequence is our main tasks so we can meet the deadline for next week. Also working on the music on garage band to get the music completed to add to our title sequence.

What the crew do...

head of the production, the first one on the film and the last one off. Generally they are the ones who have found the screenplay and are involved in all aspects of the film making process. They raise the finance for the film, and are answerable to financiers. On a low budget film, more often than not, they will be also doing the job of the line producer, such as scheduling and budgeting.

The creative decision maker throughout the filmmaking process who directs the cast and crew from pre to post- production. Responsible to the producer for transforming the screenplay into the finished film.

Executive Producer
Usually the person who has made the film possible in either putting together the finances and/or creative package. Also, used as a credit given as a 'thank you' for funds or services that have made the film possible.

Location manager
Organizes location scouting and takes care of everything associated with shooting on location, i.e. getting permissions and permits, hotel bookings, bathrooms, rental cars, notifying local police, authorities etc. Acts as liaison between crew and location owners. May have location scouts as assistants.

Unit production Manager (UPM)
Needed early on. One step below line producer. Helps the producer prepare the production schedule. Makes sure the director has everything he or she needs at an affordable price, keeps in contact with the accountant. Visits the set daily to be aware of everything that is happening in order to makes things run smoothly.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Production Logo.

This is the production logo we will be having at the beginning of our title sequence, the name of our production is 'A.A.M Productions'. We will be adding our own typography onto it, as you can see it isn't with this image but when we have finished the logo we will put it on our blogs.